Our panel of Advisors provide guidance on the key issues relating to community and professional education, information development and research. They ensure our content reflects current best practice approaches, supported by good quality evidence.


A/Prof Carolyn Allan Endocrinologist
Laureate Prof John Aitken Reproductive Biologist
A/Prof Nick Brook Urologist
A/Prof Eric Chung Urologist
A/Prof Roger Cook Psychologist
Prof Mark Frydenberg Urologist
Prof Mathis Grossman Endocrinologist
A/Prof Jeremy Grummet Urologist
A/Prof Dragan Ilic Medical Education Researcher
Dr Darren Katz Urologist
Prof Marita McCabe Health and Ageing Researcher
Prof Moira O'Bryan Reproductive Biologist
Prof Rodney Sinclair Dermatologist
Mr Graeme Southwick OAM Plastic Surgeon
Dr Ie-Wen Sim Endocrinologist
Prof James Smith Men's and Indigenous Health Researcher
Dr Anna Watts Endocrinologist
Dr Addie Wootten Clinical Psychologist