We produce a wide range of evidence-based resources for the health professional community, from clinical summary guides to best practice guidelines and printable patient assessment tools.

You can download these resources or order our hard copy clinical summary guides and patient information guides free of charge through our online store.

Alternatively, go to our resource library to see all health professional and patient resources.

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Clinical summary guides

A series of clinical summary guides on the management of male reproductive and sexual health to assist health professionals in the management of their male patients. 

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Recommended for health professionals only.

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National data set specifications

Data set specifications (DSS) for prostate cancer and testicular cancer, to assist clinical monitoring and reporting of the treatment and care received by men affected by these conditions.

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Orchidometers (a medical device for health professionals to measure testis size in a clinical setting) are available to purchase through our online store.

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Patient assessment tools

Tools aimed to support health professionals when providing advice and assessing male patients with reproductive and sexual health issues.

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Practice guidelines

Evidence-based practice guidelines to support health professionals in the management and care of men diagnosed with cancer or conditions relating to reproductive and sexual health.

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