Healthy Male offers a series of clinical summary guides on the management of male reproductive and sexual health to assist health professionals in the management of their male patients. 

Download any of the individual clinical summary guides, a complete printable PDF guide, or a digital version below.

Complete Clinical Summary Guide - Printable PDF


1. Step-by-Step Male Genital Examination

2. Child and Adolescent Male Genital Examination

3. Adult Male Genital Examination

4. Androgen Deficiency

5. Male Infertility

6. Testicular Cancer

7. Prostate Disease

8. Ejaculatory Disorders

9. Erectile Dysfunction

10. Klinefelter Syndrome

11. Engaging Men

12. Engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Men

13. Transgender Healthcare  

14. Androgen Use, Misuse and Abuse 

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