The Healthy Male orchidometer is a medical device to measure testis size in a clinical setting. It is a sequential series of 15 ellipsoids (beads) ranging from 1 to 35mls, and the number of ellipsoids can be altered to suit the individual needs of the health professional.

What is an orchidometer?

An orchidometer, a series of ellipsoids (beads) of increasing volume, is a medical instrument that can be used to accurately measure volume and determine the size of the testes.

Why use an orchidometer?

A health professional uses an orchidometer to measure testes size and determine the onset of puberty and later pubertal development. The orchidometer ellipsoids, which are of increasing volume are compared with the size of the patient’s testes. Measuring the volume of testes is important since irregular testes can determine certain illnesses such as testicular cancer. In addition, the presence of testicular growth can confirm that a boy is moving from adolescence into manhood.

How to use an orchidometer?

  1. Gently grasp the testis between the thumb and third finger while holding the ellipsoids in the opposite hand. Manipulate the testis to expose it for comparison.
  2. Opposing the fingertips just behind the testis should result in gentle stretching of the scrotal skin over the anterior surface of the testis, permitting more accurate measurement.
  3. Start with an ellipsoid that is likely to be smaller than the testis.
  4. While maintaining the grasp, manoeuvre to an ellipsoid with a higher number to assess for a better match.
  5. Further check by comparing with the next larger ellipsoid. Then record the number of the largest ellipsoid that the testis is at least as large as. If the testis size is between ellipsoids, record the number on the smaller ellipsoid.
  6. Repeat for the opposite testis.
  7. Record right and left separately.

Ordering your orchidometer

Orchidometers are available to purchase directly from Healthy Male for $154.00 (inc. GST) and is recommended for health professionals only. Healthy Male orchidometers are not available for resale.


How to receive a complimentary orchidometer

GPs who complete an Online Learning Module through the Medcast platform will receive a complimentary orchidometer.

Instructions for how to claim a complimentary orchidometer are provided as part of the evaluation questionnaire upon completion of Online Learning Modules. Please note Healthy Male webinars and podcasts are not included in the complimentary orchidometer offer.

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