The Healthy Male orchidometer is a medical device to measure testis size in a clinical setting. It is a sequential series of 15 beads ranging from 1 to 35mls, and the number of beads can be altered to suit the individual needs of the health professional. Flat lay of Healthy Male orchidometer and packaging

Orchidometers are available to purchase for $154.00 (inc. GST) by health professionals and health services. Healthy Male orchidometers are not available for resale.

GPs who complete the Addressing the sensitive topics of fertility and preconception health with male and female patients course through our e-Learning portal will receive a complimentary orchidometer.


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As an authorised provider of accredited GP education activities, we deliver contuing professional development on male reproductive and sexual health conditions and associated conditions for GPs wishing to advance their knowledge and skills in this area. 

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