There is a persistent and troubling myth that men don’t care about their health. But they do. Most men over 40 will have visited a doctor in the past 12 months. But compared to women, men visit the doctor less often, have shorter consultations, and tend to see their GP later.

To help break down these barriers and improve health outcomes, Healthy Male provides resources in the following ways:

Recognising the importance for primary health professionals to maximise opportunities effectively when engaging with men, our clinical summary guide 'Engaging Men in Primary Care Settings' provides evidence-based guidance on:

  • Factors that influence men’s interaction with GPs
  • Strategies for GPs to engage men in discussions about their health
  • How to approach sensitive issues
  • Myths about men’s engagement in health services (with implications for health service providers).


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    Engaging ATSI men_Tile image

    Engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men in primary health care

    There are significant barriers to health service access for Indigenous men, particularly in remote areas. Our resources are designed to help break down these barriers and improve health outcomes.

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    Tips for health promotion tile image

    Tips for health promotion in primary health care settings

    Tap into the evidence, become 'male-friendly', have male health resources on hand, prioritise professional education on men's health and keep it local.

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