Ask the Doc: Is it bad to drink if you’re using steroids?


Is it bad to drink alcohol if you’re using steroids?


Unless you’re taking steroids for a legitimate medical reason, they’re probably harming your health. And there’s no safe amount of alcohol that you can drink. There’s no reason to think that these two negatives will cancel each other out so, while there are no scientific studies specifically about combining steroids and alcohol, it’s probably bad.

If you’re using steroids to bulk up or improve your physical performance or appearance, you’re probably taking doses way above the normal. And it’s common for steroid users to use other drugs, including alcohol.

People who take steroids tend to be risk takers, so they’re more likely than normal to do dangerous things, like drink to excess or put themselves in physical danger. The combination of the psychological effects of steroids and alcohol use can therefore put you at greater risk than they might on their own.

Some of the diseases associated with steroid abuse are also consequences of drinking to excess. Diseases of the liver, heart, blood vessels and brain, like hepatitis or cirrhosis, heart attack, clogged arteries, and dementia are consequences of abuse of steroids and alcohol. The disease processes that are caused by alcohol or steroids may be made worse by each other.

Abuse of alcohol or steroids are large contributors to health problems and deaths, especially in young people. You can talk to your doctor about your reasons for drinking or taking steroids, their effects on your health, and how to stop using them.

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