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What can I do to shrink my prostate and boost my testosterone?


Testosterone is a growth factor for prostate cells, so boosting testosterone levels would promote prostate growth. That’s why treatment of prostate cancer may involve a reduction of testosterone levels to reduce the likelihood of prostate cancer growth.

There are currently no approved therapies that would shrink your prostate and simultaneously boost your testosterone levels, but both issues can be managed separately. 

There are therapies that can improve symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate, and optimising lifestyle and weight will help improve testosterone.

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Dr Ie-Wen Sim
Dr Ie-Wen Sim

Dr Ie-Wen Sim is an Endocrinologist and Andrologist with subspecialty interests including clinical andrology, reproductive endocrinology and metabolic bone disorders. He is a lecturer at the University of Melbourne, adjunct senior lecturer at Monash University and a clinical andrologist at Monash IVF.

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