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Does phimosis HAVE to be treated by circumcision? My GP ignored my suggestion of steroidal cream and stretching (read a great deal about it online) almost as if it was his personal opinion. I've seen posts about guys who've had it 10 times worse and successfully treated it that way in as little as 6 months.


If you have no concerning symptoms (for example reoccurring infections, skin problems or pain) then it doesn't necessarily need to be operated on.

Steroid creams are worth trying and can soften the skin and improve the condition, but it may reoccur once you’ve stopped application and it may not be a long-term cure.

It's important to have a good GP you can relate to and who listens to you. It may be worth seeking a second opinion as it’s important to have someone to help you through the next few months as you trial the steroid creams. They can then check on your progress and also check on your general health (for example mental health and diabetes, heart check and blood pressure etc.). Head here to find a doctor near you.


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Dr Justin Low
Dr Justin Low

Dr Justin Low is the National Lead Vasectomy Doctor at Marie Stopes Australia (the largest provider of vasectomies in Australia) and has performed over 8,000 vasectomies to date. He presents to General Practice groups regularly around the country on the topic of vasectomy and has been interviewed on ABC Radio National, Sydney Morning Herald ‘Good Weekend’, Men’s Health Magazine and Channel 9’s ‘Today’ morning show.

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