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The influence of chemicals present in the environment on reproductive health, including those found in common household items, is of growing concern. New evidence is emerging that exposure to toxic chemicals can disrupt the hormones that control the reproductive system, and impact the quality of the egg or sperm. This disruption may have far-reaching consequences, including affecting the chances of pregnancy success, the development of the fetus, and the health of the child after birth.

An Italian study recently published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, explored the impact of exposure to a group of commonly found environmental chemicals called PFCs, on the reproductive health of young men (average age 18 years).

For men that had higher levels of PFC exposure, the study found a significant reduction in sperm quality and alterations in reproductive hormone levels compared to men that had low-level PFC exposure. While the impact on future fertility for these men is not clear, the disruption to the reproductive health of these young men due to toxins present in their environment is of significant concern.


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