Multiple factors contribute to a healthy pregnancy, including the quality of the egg and sperm. Sperm quality is an important factor to achieve timely conception, ensure a healthy pregnancy and produce healthy children.

Research recently published in Clinical Chemistry looked at the male partners of women who had experienced recurrent miscarriage. The study assessed the quality of the sperm and the semen, and measured the levels of sex hormones and other reproductive hormones. They compared the results to healthy men without any history of partner miscarriage.

Increases in sperm DNA damage, markers of cell stress in the semen, and abnormal sperm morphology (shape) elevated the risk of recurrent miscarriage in men’s partners. Notably, men’s reproductive hormone levels, such as testosterone, were not significantly associated with recurrent miscarriage when the age of the man was accounted for.

These results highlight that it is important to investigate sperm quality in cases of recurrent miscarriage without a known cause.


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