The current standard of care for men suspected of prostate cancer is referral for a biopsy for definitive diagnosis. However, this approach can lead to over-treatment of clinically insignificant cancers, burdening men with side-effects related to the cancer treatment and the initial biopsy.

Improving the screening of men prior to prostate biopsy is needed to reduce unnecessary procedures. A recent study published in the NEJM, carried out a multi-centre clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of MRI as a pre-screening tool for subsequent prostate biopsy.

The findings showed that the approach of MRI with or without targeted biopsy reduced the number of men that were referred for biopsy, improved the precision of targeted sampling of pathological cores, identified a higher number of men with clinically significant cancer, and reduced the number of men diagnosed with a non-life threatening cancer.


Prostate disease
Research review
Clinical study

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