Achieving change

Many organisations and individuals are in a position to improve the experiences of men from preconception to parenthood. 

Achieving change


You can help by taking action within your sphere of influence by endorsing the seven goals of the Case for Change as a public statement that you believe change is required and that these goals will lead to better outcomes for men and their families. 

Register your interest as a Supporter of the Case for Change

Review the Achieving Action table on pages 15-18 of the Case for Change report and identify opportunities for change at your organisation. For example:

  • Develop an organisational response to the Case for Change
  • Lobby/dedicate resources to the engagement and support of men
  • Establish, improve or expand programs for men
  • Audit your organisation’s policies, procedures, and resources to determine whether they are father-inclusive and father-proactive 
  • Work with men to help improve systems and resources
  • Present fathers as positive role models and challenge traditional family stereotypes
  • Create a parent-friendly workplace - ensure parental leave and flexible work arrangements are routinely available for fathers and mothers, and actively encourage uptake
  • Support the men in your life as they plan for, or become fathers.