D4Ds - Diet for Dads Sperm Study

It is known that various lifestyle factors such as diet and physical activity, among others, can impact the health and function of sperm, thus a man’s fertility. You are being invited to take part in a study that is assessing the effects of a nutrient-dense diet without weight loss on sperm quality in men who are obese.

When considering whether you would like to participate in this study it is important for you to understand why the study is being done and what the requirements are for your participation. Please take time to read the following information carefully and ask questions if anything is not clear.

Participant information and registration

This information sheet describes the purpose, procedures, precautions, and possible benefits that go along with your participation in this study. If you agree to participate, you will be asked to sign a consent form. Approximately 32 participants will be included in this study, conducted at the University of Adelaide in conjunction with the Freemasons Centre for Male Health and Wellbeing and Robinson Research Institute.


If you are interested in this study or have any questions answered, you are welcome to contact:

Dr Nicole McPherson, Principal Investigator on 08 8313 8201 or email menshealth@adelaide.edu.au or nicole.mcpherson@adelaide.edu.au