Prostatitis is the third most common urological disease in males and is defined as inflammation, infection, or swelling in the prostate gland, leading to pelvic pain. In all prostatitis cases, a majority of men experience pain and/or other symptoms for months/years even with no infection detected This study aims to understand the experience of men with chronic pelvic pain or prostatitis. We would like to know what you think and feel about your pain and how your thoughts and feeling might affect your pain. We would also like to know about your experience of accessing health professionals. This information might help us to know more about the barriers and difficulties men living with pelvic pain experience. 

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This project is being conducted by researchers at the School of Psychological Science at the University of Tasmania (UTAS).

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This study has been approved by the Tasmania Social Sciences Human Research Ethics Committee. If you have concerns or complaints about the conduct of this study, you can contact the Executive Officer of the HREC (Tasmania) Network on (03) 6226 2975 or email The Executive Officer is the person nominated to receive complaints from research participants. You will need to quote S0023769.

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If you experience pain in the pelvic area or prostatitis-like symptoms, click here.


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If you have any questions or concerns about the research, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Arthur Sone-Wai Li ( or Dr Mandy Matthewson on (03) 6226 2241 (