From September 2020 Healthy Male will host a series of free webinars to explore ways to improve men’s engagement and support as they seek to, or become fathers.

The live webinars will feature panellists from a range of disciplines, with opportunities for the audience to raise questions.

Webinar 1

9th September 12:30pm AEST | Q&A Webinar

The Case for Change


  • Ms Julie Borninkhof (CEO, PANDA)
  • Prof Roger Hart (Medical Director, Fertility Specialists of WA)
  • Hamza Vayani (Plus Paternal consumer representative)

Non-birthing parents, most commonly men, are not systematically engaged or supported from pre-conception to parenthood. Opportunities to support their health and wellbeing and to prepare them for this major life transition are lost. 

To improve the experiences of fathers and outcomes for families a fundamental shift in the way society and the health system views fathers is required, and change across all levels of the system, and beyond.  

The Case for Change is strong and the time to act is now.  

This conversation will highlight the goals of the Plus Paternal: A focus on fathers – Case for Change and explore how achieving these goals will create healthier families. 

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Webinar 2

23rd September 12:30pm AEST | Q&A Webinar

The voice of fathers


  • Dr Jacqui Macdonald (1. Senior Research Fellow, Men and Parenting Pathways 2. Convener, Australia Fatherhood Research Consortium)
  • Adam Tardif (Victorian State Manager, Dads Group)
  • Stathi Paxinos (a lived experience – 'my challenges with IVF')

Australian fathers and men trying to become fathers, want and deserve more from our health system. Many men report feeling undervalued and that their health and wellbeing needs have not been addressed as they seek to, and/or become fathers.  

In this conversation we hear about the experiences of fathers and men trying to become fathers, who give compelling reasons for change.

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Webinar 3

7th October 12:30pm AEDT | Q&A Webinar

The state of play: policy and systems


  • Kiri Stejko (Chief Services Officer, Parents At Work)
  • Dr Garth Kendall (Representative, Australian College of Nursing)
  • Anita Thomas (Baby Makes 3 Program Manager, Carrington Health)

In this conversation we will discuss the need for a fundamental shift in the way the health system and workplaces cater for the needs of men – from preconception to early fatherhood. Initiatives that support the proactive engagement and care of men need to become standard practice. This requires policy, service-level, workplace and individual commitments to a philosophy that is truly inclusive of men and fathers. 

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Webinar 4

21st October 12:30pm AEDT | Q&A Webinar

Supporting fathers at the grassroots


  • Helen Storer (1. Plus Paternal Advisory Group Member 2. Midwife and Community Child Healthy Nurse 3. Practice Manager)
  • Helen Funk (Project Nurse Manager, Dads N Peers)
  • Tom Docking (CEO, Dads Group)

This conversation will explore the roles of health professionals involved in reproductive health services — from preconception, through pregnancy and during early parenthood. We will discuss how this diverse workforce can proactively engage and support fathers and prospective fathers, and the important role of peer support. 

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Webinar 5

4th November 12:30pm AEDT | Q&A Webinar

Social and mental health: a paternal lens


  • Jackie Mead (CEO, Sands Australia)
  • Narelle Dickinson (1. Plus Paternal Advisory Group 2. Clinical and Health Psychologist)
  • Luke Rigby (lived experience – post-natal depression)

In this conversation we will explore the need for all parents who experience loss, distress or who are struggling with parenthood to receive appropriate care and support. Discussion will focus on engaging and supporting fathers.

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Webinar 1 – The Case for Change


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Webinar 2 – The voice of fathers

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