The most powerful messages come from men like you, sharing their stories and experiences.

So if you’re a male, who has experienced or is currently living with a reproductive or sexual health condition, we want to hear your story.



Raise awareness

Make men’s reproductive and sexual health conditions more understood

Make a difference

Break down stigmas and stereotypes, and normalise men’s health issues

Inspire and support

Reassure and encourage other men who may be experiencing the same or similar issues


Why share your story?

Sharing your experience can help other people relate to and better understand a particular health issue or condition. It can offer comfort and hope to those who may be experiencing something similar and feeling alone. Your story can also motivate other people to take positive action and seek help and support, and because courage is contagious, sharing your story can give others the confidence and strength to speak up and share their story too.

What has helped? What hasn’t? What has been most discouraging about your condition? What has given you hope?

Your story will help to highlight certain health issues, educate people and communities, and change any negative perceptions and attitudes that may still exist.


How will your story be used?

Your story may be published in full or used in quotes, and may be accompanied by photographs. Your story will appear on the Healthy Male website and social media, in our brochures, magazines and e-newsletters.

From time to time, we also receive media requests and with your approval, may have the opportunity to share your story in newspapers, magazines, on radio and television.


Your privacy and approval

All of your personal details will remain confidential - we will only use your first name when we publish a story, but you can choose to remain anonymous if you'd like.

We will only ever share your story and details after contacting you to get your explicit consent. You can always decline any request.


Want to your share your story?

If you’re interested in sharing your story or would like to find out more, please tell us a bit about yourself in the form below. Once submitted, we’ll get in touch to find out more and talk about how we can share your unique story.

Share your story

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