05 Jun 2023

Body dysmorphic disorder in males

Approximately 1 in 50 adults have Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). The disorder most commonly manifests in adolescence, with subclinical symptoms often occurring for years before diagnosis. Whilst there is no gender difference in the prevalence of BDD it is observed that muscle dysmorphia occurs much more often in males.

Join us in this webinar to discuss how primary care professionals can identify BDD in males earlier in the primary care setting and the referral pathways, treatment and management options available.

05 Jun 2023

Men's Health in Primary Care: Men and Healthy Ageing

This webinar includes the latest evidence-based approaches to healthy ageing for males and how this can be applied in primary health settings.

05 Jun 2023

Androgen use, misuse and abuse

This interactive online case-based learning activity aims to support GPs in the assessment, investigation, diagnoses and management of clinical presentations involving the potential use, misuse and abuse of androgens in clinical practice.

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