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06 Jun 2022 | 6 min read

How weight can impact male fertility

27 Sep 2022

Androgen deficiency in younger males: a case study on Klinefelter Syndrome

This training activity outlines different clinical presentations relating to androgen deficiency in younger males. The knowledge gained will assist GPs in the diagnosis and management of androgen deficiency in their younger male patients. This activity focuses on the need to undertake genital examinations on young men presenting with symptoms of androgen deficiency (to exclude Klinefelter's syndrome) and outlines a systematic approach to the investigation and management of androgen deficiency.

27 Sep 2022

Androgen deficiency in the older male: a case study on metabolic syndrome

This training activity aims to assist GPs in discussing and managing older men who present with symptoms of low testosterone. The case study focuses on the ability to diagnose androgen deficiency and appropriate management of older men with low testosterone in the primary health care setting, including the prescription of testosterone according to PBS guidelines.

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Male Fertility Assessment Form 2019

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