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Can I get a reversal for a vasectomy if I change my mind after it's done?


Yes, but it is not 100% successful and can cost $6,000-$7,000 in Australia.

The rate of success for vasectomy removal is higher if you have the reversal closer to the time of the vasectomy. Reversal may be up to 80% successful within three years but success drops to around 50% after five years and is even lower after 10 years.

Vasectomy reversal after open-ended technique may be more successful as the testicular end of the vas deferens has not been damaged during the vasectomy.

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Dr Justin Low
Dr Justin Low

Dr Justin Low is the National Lead Vasectomy Doctor at Marie Stopes Australia (the largest provider of vasectomies in Australia) and has performed over 8,000 vasectomies to date. He presents to General Practice groups regularly around the country on the topic of vasectomy and has been interviewed on ABC Radio National, Sydney Morning Herald ‘Good Weekend’, Men’s Health Magazine and Channel 9’s ‘Today’ morning show.

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