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Research shows that men with low-risk prostate cancer do not always fully understand their treatment options and the benefits and risks of each option. Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre are testing a website designed to help men understand their diagnosis and make informed decisions about their treatment options.

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Out with Cancer

Previous research suggests LGBTQI+ communities experience a disproportionate cancer burden and face unique psychosocial challenges. The Out with Cancer study is investigating LGBTQI+ experiences of cancer and cancer care, and of medical interventions to reduce cancer risk. Information from this study will be used to develop better information for LGBTQI+ people with cancer and their carers.

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Cognitive Adaptations Related to the Experience of Maternity and Paternity

Parenthood changes a person’s life - physically, mentally, emotionally, and environmentally. Despite this, there is very little known about the effect of parenthood on human cognition. Therefore, in this project, we are seeking to understand the effects of parenthood on human cognition across the first two years of a child’s life. To do this, Monash University is recruiting parents with at least one child who is aged between 0 and 24 months, and individuals who do not have children.

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Male Reproductive Health Initiative

Male Reproductive Health Initiative (MRHI) is a global collaboration dedicated to advancing the science and practice of male reproductive medicine. MHRI are currently running a research study for men who have faced infertility. 

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Macquarie University Hospital

Foreskin tissue expander as a conservative treatment for adult phimosis

Two leading Australian urologists Professor David Gillatt, Macquarie University Hospital, Sydney, and Associate Professor Eric Chung, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, are currently assessing the efficacy, safety and patient satisfaction of a TGA listed stretching device, with the hope that it can become a clinically recognised conservative “stretching” option to treat phimosis.

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